Extreme Table Mountain

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Extreme sports and activities available to adventure seekers on Table Mountain in Cape Town.

Caving - Table Mountain Activity Guide

When you think about caving, you more than likely picture wriggling around in the dark, deep, muddy passages beneath the earth's surface. There is caving of this nature within the bowels of Table...more

Going Extreme - Table Mountain Activity Guide

Table Mountain is the cradle of rock climbing in South Africa and, since the formation of the Mountain Club of South Africa in 1891, adventurers have pushed the grade further and further...more

Mountain Biking - Table Mountain Activity Guide

The sad truth is that, though there is a great deal of mountain-biking to be done on Table Mountain, there is no continuous trail on which a cyclist can clock up good mileage...more

Scrambling - Table Mountain Activity Guide

Classic lines run the length of the major buttresses and gullies of Table Mountain, offering the intrepid hiker airy routes and incredible views. Despite their often daunting appearance, many of them...more

Trail Running - Table Mountain Activity Guide

If you need inspiration to run, then there can be no place better than the beckoning bulk of Table Mountain. Its kilometres of paths and jeep tracks beg to be pounded. There are numerous paths...more
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