Table Mountain Guide

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General information regarding Cape Town's world renowned Table Mountain.

Ambling - Table Mountain Activity Guide

The Cape Peninsula is home to one of the world's most beautiful cities. There can be no other metropolis on earth where hundreds of hiking t...more

Animal Watching - Table Mountain Activity Guide

It is strange now to think that elephant and rhino once inhabited the slopes of Table Mountain. Early visitors reported their fears of being...more

Bird Watching - Table Mountain Activity Guide

Although the Cape Peninsula is not endowed with the great variety of birds found in other parts of South Africa, it does support around 155 ...more

Competing - Table Mountain Activity Guide

It is hardly surprising that the scenic Cape Peninsula, with its imposing mountain, is home to some world recognised sporting events. The Ol...more

Eating & Drinking - Table Mountain Activity Guide

If all this talk of activities has led you to believe that enjoying Table Mountain is the sole preserve of the energetic, relax. One of the ...more

Flower Spotting - Table Mountain Activity Guide

In order to help the unfamiliar reader identify the flowers, birds and beasties that are most commonly found on Table Mountain, I have conce...more

Giving Back - Table Mountain Activity Guide

The need to create an awareness about the uniqueness of Table Mountain has long been a significant part of the efforts of the management and...more

Going Up - Table Mountain Activity Guide

There are many beautiful walks, requiring varying levels of fitness, to the top of Table Mountain. Those mentioned in this chapter are the e...more

Sightseeing - Table Mountain Activity Guide

There can be few better things in life than sitting in a quiet, private spot, watching the sun melt into the sea. Or sipping a glass of cham...more

Specialty Trails - Table Mountain Activity Guide

A great achievement of the Table Mountain National Park (TMNP) has been the establishment of a new hiking trail that runs the full length of...more

Treasure Hunting - Table Mountain Activity Guide

The last few hundred years have seen considerable speculation for precious metals on Table Mountain. Several remnants of these quests for tr...more

Wandering Along - Table Mountain Activity Guide

The flat-topped plateau of Table Mountain, with its precipitous upper cliffs, looks almost impenetrable at first sight, but many beautiful t...more
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