Reasons to Choose Cape Town Self Catering Holiday Accommodation

There are many reasons to choose Cape Town Holiday rental apartments - Maths is key! Divide the daily cost by the number of rooms / people, and you will discover that a luxury holiday apartment is cheaper than an hotel.

You shouldn't have to stress and follow timetables on your Cape Town holiday, so staying in a self-catering holiday apartment makes sense. Ideal for families, longer stays, business travel and more. Here are a few extra reasons to choose a Cape Town holiday rental.

  • No more awkward waiting in breakfast queues or sitting starkly at a table by yourself. Just feel at home and enjoy the convenience of your own kitchen. Eat breakfast at a time that suites you.

  • With children it is the dream of every parent to have flexible meal times and snacks available for every whim. Popcorn for evening movies before bedtime? Just put it in the microwave. Want to have leftovers from the scrumptious dinner you had last night? No more paying for food that you don't eat.

  • Cape Town self catering apartments cater to convenience and comply with your schedule, not the dining rooms. Like to sleep in late? Have your meals when you want, in the comfort and luxury of your home away from home.

  • Some of the Cape Town holiday rental apartments are on higher floors to provide absolutely stunning views of the city, Table Mountain and the coast.

  • If luxury is your style then have muffins and meals delivered to your door. Pre-shopping can be arranged so your refrigerator will be stocked by the time you arrive.

  • If parents want to go out baby sitting services can be arranged.

  • The flexibility is endless. Holiday accommodation in Cape Town is your home away from home. Imagine being able to extend your vacation because your Cape Town vacation rental is less expensive than the hotels.

  • When your family and friends become a small gaggle then share expenses in two, three or four bedroom apartments.

  • Still maintaining your privacy, you can organize meals more efficiently and save money to enjoy the sights of Cape Town rather than seeing the sight of a hefty bill.

  • Cleaning services can be arranged daily or weekly at your convenience.

  • Villas and apartments are the perfect environment for families traveling together. Parents don't have to worry about disturbing other guests and can relax, and allow their children to enjoy their holiday as well.

  • Cape Town Holiday Apartments have compelling tourism value, whether it be views, location, fantastic amenities or all three.
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