Benefits of Choosing a Luxury Cape Town Villa

Here are just a few of the benefits of staying at a luxury villa in Cape Town...

Complete Privacy

There is no invasion of your space by other guests and staff when staying at a luxury Cape Town villa. Enjoy hotel like luxury without all the distractions.

Move Freely

With no schedules to stick to, you can do as you please all day. Flexibility is key! If you only wake up in the afternoon, you can still have a breakfast menu as you are not forced to stick to any schedule. Enjoy more space in our villas, and escape the confines of small hotel rooms.

Enjoy More

Staying in hotels limits you in what you can enjoy from your room. In a luxury villa, anything you want can be organised, from private chefs and masseuses to butlers and personal assistants, whatever you desire can be taken care of by our Cape Town villa team.

Savour the Outdoors

Our villas offer stunning views and settings, perfect for the tranquility and peace you seek when visiting Cape Town. Stay up late having a braai (Barbecue) in the garden or on the patio, knowing that you can do as you please. Feel free as you escape the confines of the classical hotel.

Family Friendly

Kids need space to play, and hotels are not ideal for the younger members of the family. Choose a villa holiday rental with a garden and watch as the kids delight in spending time in the healthy outdoors and enjoying the holiday with you.

Clean Living

Don't worry about having to do any of the washing as cleaning services can be arranged. Relax and enjoy your holiday while we cover all the minor details that distract you from living the beautiful holiday lifestyle.

Eat Like the Royals

No more sticking to menus, as you can cook up anything your heart desires in a Cape Town luxury villa. Alternatively, we can organise professional chefs to cook for you. From sushi to Indian food, let the professionals take care of it.


If the adults care to go out for an evening of privacy, let us arrange a professional babysitter to take care of the kids, while you enjoy the delights and wonders that Cape Town offers.

Lifestyle Living

A villa in Cape Town is an extension of your regular lifestyle. Feel at home as our villas are created with luxury and comfort in mind. In fact, some may find that the villas are better than home.

No Check-in

Arrive at your villa, open the door and immediately settle in. No checking in and out and therefore no hassle. Come and go as you please and enjoy the freedom that comes with staying in a luxury Cape Town villa.

Book an Exclusive-use Luxury Villa

In the Lap of Luxury - Our exclusive-use Cape Town luxury sea-side villa rentals are situated in the prestigious areas of Camps Bay and Llandudno. Your outdoor jacuzzi presents spectacular ocean and mountain views.

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