Llandudno Beach, Cape Town, South Africa

The spectacular stretch of coastal road from Oudekraal to Llandudno is a declared marine reserve over weekends.

Llandudno is also a popular diving spot. Often divers can be seen exploring the sea bed around the shipwrecked "Antipolis".

In the 1970's "Antipolis" was being towed to a scrapyard in the East when a fierce storm snapped the tow line, depositing the remains along the rocks next to the road. Now the wreck has almost disintegrated and only parts can still be viewed during low tide. As the road curves uphill, towards the mountainside "Little Lion's Head" reaches up a mere 440m.

Along the shore runs the exclusive white sandy beach of Llandudno. Overlooking the little bay, one is struck by the contrasts - the mountain with its rocky feet dipped in the blue seas, and the obviously difficult-to-construct expensive homes of  Llandudno.

Whether one merely sits at the lookout points and savours the sweeping, breath-taking views, or actually drives down the steep, winding roads to get a closer view, Llandudno is a truly memorable suburb. Residents are justifiably proud of this area, and their pride is reflected in the clean, well-cultivated gardens on and around their properties.

The beach itself, with massive rocks and azure waters, is a popular "snog spot" for courting couples and pleasure seekers who watch the setting sun - picnic baskets and a taste of favourite Cape wines add to the festive spirit throughout the year, even during the winter season. Beach-front parking is at a premium because of the tightly-built nature of the area.

Numerous little side roads lead to interesting tourist spots. Visitors are requested to keep the area clean, and to park respectfully. Even if you do not have time to turn offand visit Llandudno, it is strongly recommended that you pause at the overlooking lookout points, where it is safe to park and look lingeringly at this beautiful spot.

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