Camps Bay Beach
Cape Town, South Africa

Camps Bay lies on the Atlantic Coast and as a backdrop to its wide, sugar-white beach, you have the Table Mountain range - part of the recently declared Cape Peninsula National Park.

Camps Bay lies on the Atlantic Coast and as a backdrop to its wide, sugar-white beach, you have the Table Mountain range - part of the recently declared Cape Peninsula National Park. Standing on the beach with your back to the sea, you will spot on your left the free-standing and very unspoilt Lion's Head, covered in all manner of flowering 'fynbos', including the very famous silver trees.

In front of you, right in the middle of this panoramic scene, is the side of Table Mountain proper with the upper Cable Station delicately balanced on top like a tiny hat on the head of a clown. To the right of Table Mountain is an unbroken chain of a dozen or more peaks, popularly known as "The Twelve Apostles".

Where else in the world can you sunbathe on a stunningly beautiful beach and suddenly see a couple of Southern Right whales 100m from you, rolling in the surf? Or see a huge group of dolphins surfing, jumping and diving beyond the second or third wave?

Glen Beach on the right-hand side of Camps Bay beach provides surfing opportunities, and if you're into hang-gliding, the sea-facing slope of Lion's Head is a favourite spot for launching. There are also good scuba diving facilities in and near Camps Bay if your interest is marine life.

If you are into sunbathing or just plain chilling out, there's no better place than Camps Bay - at the height of summer, December/January. The sun sets at around 8pm, but be warned- there's chill-out and chill! The Atlantic waters at Camps Bay can be very cold, but are very clean and certainly always refreshing.

Should you feel a bit peckish at any time, just walk across the beach road to one of about two dozen of the best restaurants in the Cape. Or just relax at one of the pavement eateries with some cool concoction and watch the sunset. Camps Bay is known for the most dramatic and stunning sunsets this side of Mars!

One of the characteristics of Camps Bay that most visitors seem to appreciate is that it caters for a wide variety of people and absolutely anybody can find something to enjoy at any time of the year - and it doesn't have tobe that costly either.

For accommodation in Cape Town, for example, you could stay at Stan's Halt Youth Hostel, housed in a historical building on the slopes of Lion's Head (the most breathtaking views come free!) or you could stay at one of the numerous and excellent bed-and-breakfasts all over Camps Bay, or at one of our beautiful hotels along the beachfront.

Even these are very affordable.As far as food and eating is concerned, Camps Bay also looks after everybody and their pocket. What do you feel like eating and what can you afford? A plain sandwich and freshly squeezed orange juice? You'll get it here. The best pizza in the world, dripping with tangy cheese and roasted veggie chunks? It's on its way! How about a candlelit dinner of Portuguese fare? Or the hugest portion of grilled spareribs you've ever seen? We have it. Or something fishy - like an enormous fish kebab or Cajun-flavoured calamari tubes to die for? Camps Bay is the place!

On the leisure side, this favourite suburb Camps Bay also supplies the needs of everyone - from hikes up and down the mountain to leisurely strolls in the pine-scented glens. And when you are bored with lying on the beach and the sea is calm, you could hire a canoe or paddle-ski to get rid of your pent-up energy.

But keep a lookout for signs of the dreaded south-easter starting, or you may soon find yourself blown out to sea. Ah! I'm afraid I have to stop here before I start boring you. I still wanted to tell you about the ghost in the glen, and about Lord Charles Somerset's daughter who was born in Camps Bay, and about the hyrax (dassie) colonies on the rocks near the beach and the porcupines that dig up the indigenous bulbs in my garden, and. .. and. .. But I think it's a much better idea if you got on a plane and came and discover all these delights for yourself. Please, promise you won't put it off for too long, please!

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by Chrisman Stander
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