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Enjoy an extreme experience in Cape Town, whether your interests are air based, water based and ground based.

Cape Town is definitely a city for all, from nature lovers, to historical researchers, party animals, cultural enthusiasts, food lovers, golfers, and adrenaline junkies. Extreme sport in Cape Town is one of the many memorable experiences you can have in the Mother City.


Abseiling is a completely safe, exhilarating and mind blowing extreme sport in Cape Town, and recommended to all adrenaline junkies visiting the Mother City. Little to no experience is required to enjoy this heart pumping extreme sport in Cape Town, just some extra courage and nerves of steel. From the coastal drive of Chapman's Peak, to the majestic Table Mountain, abseiling is a great way to let out the adrenaline junkie in you.

Bungee Jumping

Just the thought of dangling from an unimaginable height attached only to a piece of rope is enough to send anyone into panic attacks, however, bungee jumping is probably one of the safest extreme sports in Cape Town available today. Cape Town offers excellent safety measures that are enforced with the strictest order, allowing no room for any unpleasant accidents.

With no experience required, bungee jumping offers an exhilarating, mind blowing and gravity defying experience. The Western Cape is also home to the world's highest commercial jump, set 216 metres high - the Bloukrans Bridge. This bridge is situated along the spectacular Garden Route in Nature's Valley, so getting there will be both easy and scenic.

The most popular bungee site in the Western Cape is at the Gouritz River Bridge, situated halfway between Albertina and Mossel Bay. This is the original bungee site of Africa, with a perfect safety record. This jump is 65 metres high, and is the world's highest bungee jump above dry land.


Kloof is the Afrikaans word for a narrow mountain river valley, i.e. a canyon. Kloofing allows you to follow a mountain river from its beginning, through waterfalls, raging rapids and whirlpools, and hiking and climbing between swims. It's like a combination of diving and hiking, and is indeed a rewarding and memorable experience.

The mountains behind Betty's Bay are 2 of South Africa's best known kloofing day trips, a regular route involving a leap from 20 feet off a waterfall into a pool below, or Suicide Gorge, a 60 foot leap. Kloofing requires some degree of fitness and experience, as well as nerves of steel, so if get queasy easily or are prone to vertigo, give this one a miss.

Quad Biking

Quad biking through the scenic wonders of the region is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors while satisfying your adrenaline needs. Enjoy some of the best off road nature trails in the Western Cape and enjoy a totally new and exciting experience. The trails wind through some of the rarest plants on earth, and the off road quad tours are perfectly designed with adventure seekers in mind.

Deep Sea Fishing

This is a year round sport, with fishermen enjoying rewarding catches of Tuna, Yellowtail, Reef Fish, Swordfish, Snoek and the odd Marlin.

Shark Cage Diving

Imagine swimming so close to these magnificent predators of the deep that you can touch them. Indeed a thrilling and mind blowing experience, Shark cage diving is a heart pumping experience, bringing you face to face with the most feared creature of the sea, the Great White Shark. Shark cage diving can be enjoyed near Dyer Island, which is reached from Gansbaai, about 90 minutes from Cape Town.

Scuba Diving

There are plenty of diving opportunities in Cape Town, whether in the Atlantic or Indian Ocean. Dive through beautiful reefs and ship wrecks in water temperatures varying from between 9 and 17 degrees Celsius, and visibility that can reach up to 25 metres. The vibrancy and colours found in tropical waters is not found here, but it is home to an abundance of marine life, including shoals of fish, corals, anemones, dolphins, penguins and sharks.

Surfing and Kite-surfing

Surfing is a popular culture in Cape Town, as well as South Africa. Cape Town has been blessed with an exceptional variety of beautiful beaches, and some of the best surfing conditions in the world, making this city a surfer's paradise. There are also excellent windsurfing and kite surfing spots, and the Langebaan Lagoon situated just outside of Cape Town is internationally renowned as one of the best boardsailing venues in the world.

Sky Diving

For the ultimate adrenaline rush, sky diving is definitely one of the most popular extreme sports in the world. Sky diving opportunities for first time and experienced divers abound, with Cape Town's spectacular scenery just adding the icing on the cake.

Hang gliding and Paragliding

Paraglide gently down from Table Mountain, Lions Head or Signal Hill, and enjoy incredible views over the Atlantic Seaboard. You will have to be qualified and licensed in order to hand glide or paraglide, but for those in search of a once off thrill, try a tandem glide. Alternatively, if you have more time available, sign up for a school and learn the skill for yourself.

Helicopter Trips

Get a bird's eye view of the Mother City in all her glory from above in the safety and comfort of a helicopter. Take in all her beautiful sights, from the beaches lining the coast, to the patchwork of Winelands. The majority of the companies are based in the V&A Waterfront, with prices based on the duration of the flight.

Hot Air Ballooning

Another opportunity to experience the Mother City from above, float gently over the majestic Cape Winelands while sipping champagne and bobbing around amongst the clouds. This memorable experience usually takes place in the early morning just after sunrise and is followed by a hearty breakfast, preferably in the countryside. This activity is extremely weather dependent.

Jet Flights

For an extreme sport in Cape Town with a difference, view the city from the cock pit of a powerful and fast jet fighter. Experience the adrenaline of flying in one of these state of the art jets, moving closer and closer to heaven at supersonic speed.

Micro-light Flights

From the harness of a micro-light, experience the Cape from a whole new perspective, from the spray of the sea, and the chill of the wind as you soar through the air.

Water Skiing and Wakeboarding

These closely linked surface water sports feature well in Cape Town, and there are numerous excellent locations scattered throughout the province.

There are several local water skiing and wakeboarding clubs and companies which can assist you in finding your feet at one of the lakes and dams in the Peninsula and surrounds. Both these sports are fun and exciting, where you can enjoy jumps, tricks and turns which can be learned and mastered over time.

Canoeing, River Rafting and Kayaking

Cape Town is home to many lakes and rivers offering you a chance to enjoy some kayaking, canoeing and river rafting. Paddle out and take in your beautiful surrounds.

The Doring in the Western Cape is a good snow melt river that offers great spring paddling. It is very tempestuous, so you never know what mood it is in. The Palmiet River is runnable all year, but is much more rewarding in winter. There are also occasional trips on the Molenaars, but only directly after heavy rains in its catchment area.


Sandboarding is one of the biggest crazes to hit Cape Town in recent times, and offers the ultimate adrenaline rush. It is easy to learn and fun for all ages, experiences and fitness levels. Instructors teach you the art of sand boarding using state of the art, custom designed sand boards.

You will learn the basic principles of sandboarding and safety techniques, providing a fun and rewarding experience to all. Feel the wind in your hair as you experience the mad rush of your first slide down a Cape sand dune.

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